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I am currently a preferred provider for:

  • Regence (Asuris, Uniform Medical and Frederal Employee Progrm)
  • Premera

How to check your Insurance benefits:

1) On the back of your Insurance card is a customer service number to call, then follow the prompts for information on benefits.

2) Questions to ask the customer service representative:

  • Do I have massage therapy benefits on my currently health plan?
  • How many visits per year do i have and how many have I used already?
  • Do I have a deductible, how much is it, and have I met it this year?
  • Do I have a co-pay, how much per visit?
  • Do I need a prescription OR a referral for massage therapy? (they are two separate things, please ask about both of them)
  • Do I need prior-authorization?

Thank you for confirming details and having your referral or prescription prior to your massage appointment.

Helpful hints


  • Idaho plans: Cover massage if it is administered by a chiropractor or physician, not by a massage therapist.
  • Washington plans: Require you to obtain a prescription from your chiropractor or physician.
  • They are allowing longer treatment times including up to 90 minutes.


  • Some plans require prior authorization, obtained by your massage therapist.


  • A prescription is required prior to services
  • Massage is categorized with Rehabilitative services (Speech, Physical, Massage, Occupational therapies) and allows up to 60 visits per year.

All above information is not a guarantee of service or coverage, it is intended to assist you in understanding your insurance coverage. Plans very per company, please call to confirm your specific benefit coverage.

Hours Available

Monday- Thursday

  • 8:30 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 12:30 PM

Please call, email or book online to schedule your treatment today!
I look forward to sharing the benefits of a therapeutic massage with you very soon!


Please clink the link below to review the polices. If you have not yet signed one please feel free to print, sign and return the policies page at your next massage appointment. Policies

Intake Form

Should you wish to fill out your paper work prior to your appointment please clink the link below. Intake Form